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  • 2018/01/17
    Jan 2018 News Release

    Publish Date:Jan. 17,2018

    *5” , 7” 7201280 capacitive touch panel LCD module – MIPI interface.

    *HDMI display series.
    *EM touch series.
    *Cortex M4 evaluation board


    Jan. 2018 news release

    Jan 17,2018


    Dear Partners:2018 HNY

    Happy New year 2018.
    Many thanks for all your help and support during 2017 and we all look
    forward to working with you for a Prosperous New Year.

    Powertip will attend the exhibition scheduled as the following list. You
    are more than welcome to visit our booth. Please connect to for more details.

    Please refer to the followings as introduction of new product. You may check with your contact for further detail information.
    ● 5” , 7” 7201280 capacitive touch panel LCD module – MIPI interface
          5” PH720128T004-ZBC02
          7” PH720128T003-ZBC02 (Following drawings)

    ● HDMI display seriesHDMI
          It is a mountable HDMI monitor with or without
          built-in capacitive touch screen.

          The display can be used with any small board
          computer (Rpi, Bpi, NXP, SolidRun, ASUS…etc.) that
          has HDMI output. Please refer to

          as demonstration indicating Plug-N-Play.

    ● EM touch series
         Electronic magnetic touch display allows our electronic pens to operate without cords
         or batteries. This design make drawing, writing, and signing on the display easily.
         The display can be designed with cover lens up to 5mm or with Capacitive touch

    ● Cortex M4 evaluation board
          - Embedded solution evaluation platform Based on STM32F429IGT6
          - Quick start and shorten developing schedule
          - Support TFT display with standard 3.5”~7” A series
          - Touch option (RTP/CTP)




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