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Quality Control and Assurance System

Quality Control System Quality Control & Assurance
Reliability Condition Quality Assurance Flow Chart


Quality figures promineutly as a fundamental value in all aspects of our manufacturing.
Our strength is consistently maintainad through our effective manufacturing and prowrement quality system.


Quality Control & Assurance Dept.

Incoming & Quality Control
1. AQL standard Sampling inspection.
2. Incoming Engineering, Mechancial, Electronical, Optical test.
3. Vendor quality Audit.
In process & Assurance System
1. On line QC (clean, printing , chip position
2. After wire boundIng 100% test & Inspection. (electronical, optical)
3. Final test & Inspection (100% QC, mechancial, electronical, optical.)
4. Functional test of LSI, LCD, contrast, etc.
Out Going & Quality Control
1. Functional test (electronical, AC, DC, pin terminal, mechanical)
2. LCM QC test (contrast , characters, display, etc.)
3. Sampling QC according to AQL Standard (value=0.65) 



USA office
26231 Enterprise Court, Lake Forest, CA 92630 , USA

Quality Control System Quality figures determine a baseline for the fundamental values in all aspects of our manufacturing. We offer LCD modules, HMI and embedded solutions including: Smart UART display, MPU embedded display, TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCM, TFT LCM, FSLCD, graphic LCM, character LCM, custom LCD, custom LCM, EM touch display, projected capacitive touch display, resistive touch display and EMS.